Friday 22 January 2016

Original 7th Doctor items on eBay -
January 2016

I see some loose bits have dropped off the original Tetrap costume again.

Time And The Rani
framed Tetrap fragment
This is an amazing opportunity

There were just three of these tetrap costumes made for the 1987 story 'time and the rani'.

As with many costumes of the day, they have deteriorated. This is from one of these original screen used costumes sold in the famous bonhams auction.

I have seen small pieces of tetrap skin sell for £50-100 over the years on ebay but never such a large piece - this digit is in great condition and has been framed in a box frame - only three digits and I am keeping one!

It is supplied with a copy of the letter of authenticity and is s once in a lifetime auction!

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