Wednesday 15 July 2015

Figurine Collection - Seventh Doctor

I haven’t reported on this publication much, but now for Seventh Doctor fans (and me) there is a good reason to talk about it.

Issue 51 has just been published, and it features The Seventh Doctor, complete with obligatory figurine.

Inside the accompanying magazine there are all manner of articles containing facts and information.

One of these is specifically about Sylvester McCoy’s costume.

I have a particular interest in this article - as I wrote it!

A little while back I was approached by the editors to take on the writing of all future articles relating to The Doctor’s costumes, and have been engaging in doing so for several months now. I have also been acting as a consultant on costume related things.

So far I have written a number of articles - but I am duty bound not to reveal what I have been writing, until after their publication.

Now finally, after issue 51 is now on news-stands, I can reveal my involvement.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection
The Seventh Doctor

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