Thursday 22 April 2010

Just wanna give you a heads-up about a great new website that has just been launched by a couple of friends of  mine. basically does exactly what it says in the tin, except it is more costumes than props, covering the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

There is a host of fantastic items to see from Romana’s Pink Frock coat as seen in Destiny Of The Daleks (see below, left); to an original Six Frock Coat in all its glory, plus pretty much the rest of Colin Baker’s entire Who wardrobe (see below, centre); to Ace’s badge covered jacket (see below, top right) and McCoy’s panama hat, complete with Hatband Hanky (see below, bottom right).

It’s well worth taking a look, and checking back regularly as I know there are plans to add more items as they come to light.
A big thanks to Chris and John for sharing their
stunning collection of original Doctor Who costumes
with the rest of us!