Sunday 28 July 2013

Perks of the blog - part two

Just had a great day out celebrating all thing Sylvester McCoy at the BFI.

You maybe aware that each month the BFI has been screening a Doctor Who adventure - and since this is July, the Seventh Doctor was in their sights.

Chosen to represent his era, Remembrance Of The Daleks was showcased with both Sylvester and Sophie in attendance.

Due to unpresidented demand the ticked for the past few screenings have been allocated by a ballot system, and unfortunately I missed out - or so I thought.

A few weeks ago one of my clients, Tom Nichols, who has a small business hiring out Daleks and TARDISs for event, got in touch to ask if I was going to the BFI screening. It turned out he had offered to display his Special Weapons Dalek in the foyer, and had received the promise of a couple of tickets in return. A spare was on offer - would I like to come? WOULD I??

Anyway, long and short of it if I helped set up I’d be welcome, so I was more than happy to lend a hand.

I also suggested taking the Dalek to the original filming location for its scenes, which were done barely three streets from the BFI. Tom hadn't made the connection in his mind, so jumped at the idea.

We met up at Windmill Walk underneath the railway bridge where the Dalek factions have their pitched battle. Tom had the Dalek in bits in his transit van, and it only took a couple of minutes for us to manhandle it together.

We had some fun getting some great pictures of the Dalek in situe, and a number of slack-jawed passers by also grabbed a few shape too.

It was amazing to see it on the very spot where 25 years earlier it had been trundling along, obliterating Daleks as it went.

We then drove over to the BFI, where we were welcomed by security and shown where the Dalek was to be set up.
Tom was very easy going about it, and was happy for it to sit there unattended for the duration of the afternoon as a talking point and photo opportunity for everyone passing through. Some ropes were supplied to cordon it of, so all was good.

To our surprise we were welcomed into the green room. Sylvester and Sophie soon arrived, Sylvester with a cat on his ankle and wearing a kilt! He had recently had surgery on a troublesome foot, and trousers were too difficult to put on.

Before too long it was time to take our seats, which for me were the best I’d ever had at one of these screenings - in the centre block, almost dead central, only half a dozen rows back.

The episodes were broken up by a couple of interviews with guests, the first of which was John Leeson, best known for his voice of K-9, but he also provided voices for this story too.

He can be heard as the Dalek Battle Computer (when you think it is Davros, but turns out to be the little girl) and later he is the continuity announcer who introduces he next episode of Doc.... before being cut off.

There was also an interesting discussion with Mike Tucker who worked in the BBC visual effects department during the McCoy run, and now is effect supervisor on the current series.

Finally, long term member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Dick Mills, filled us in on how the department worked down the years; how new equipment made things easier, but harder to be imaginative with.

The main interview session was between Sylvester McCoy (who was asked to keep his knees together in his kilt by a member of the front row), Sophie Aldred and writer Ben Aronovich.

There were some great tales of how both leads got their parts; of how the script was written; how Ace became a regular companion over a brief guest appearance; how the series was cancelled; and of Sylvester’s return in the tv movie.

All in all it was a great day!
I just want to say a BIG thank you to Tom Nichols for letting me tag along and help him set up the Dalek - and for getting me into a screening I thought I had missed out on!

Friday 19 July 2013

Original 7th Doctor item on eBay -
July 2013

It’s been a bit quiet of original Seventh Doctor item on eBay, but there has been the following massive collection on offer - for an equally massive price tag!

Original Dr Who prop
plus scripts and autographs
SOLD FOR £2,475

Original Dr Who props, scripts and autographs - massive collection!!!

Here is the chance of a life time to acquire a fantastic collection of doctor who items at an amazing price. These are my prized items and I love each one. I am being forced to sell under some pressure and was due to assign the majority to Bonhams for their winter Entertainment auction after their recent valuations. However, that is 7 months away, so this is your chance for a bargain! Unless stated, all items are original props or scripts. They all come with certificates of provinence and have clear and great detail of how they have arrived here!

In short, here it is:-

1) The one and only unique HAND TYPED set of scripts for the Nightmare Fair from the author - the famous missing story that has gone on to be made as an audio adventure and novel.

2) An original set of Krotons scripts (3 of 4) owned by an actor from the story - signed by him, Frazer Hines and terrance dicks on each script

3) Original full set of Greatest Show In The Galaxy scripts owned by the author steve wyatt and signed by him, Sylvester McCoy, Andrew Cartmel and the flower child.

4) Original Director Graehme Harpers set of scripts for episode Journeys End, signed in person by David Tennant. Comes with camera notes, set design model photos, etc

5) Original 7th doctor paisley hankie with Certificate - amazing item, signed in person by Sylvester McCoy (who recognised it as original immediatey)

6) Original huge piece of Warriors of the Deep Silurian leader Ithkar silurian hand and arm - with display frame for small piece - from Bonhams 1991

7) 11 doctors figure set complete and sealed, signed by six Doctors (Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester Mccoy, Paul McGann, David Tenant)

8) Official licensed journal of impossible things - signed by David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison and a bunch of Tennant people - David Jacobi (old Master), John Simm (new master), Anthony Steward Head (Krilatane), Shaun (Rose’s Dad).

The First 5 items alone were valued by Bonhams recently for a joint estimated guide sale price of £3750 - and that was a conservative price they gave me based on some items I have sold with them over the last 18 months!!!

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Original Ace items on eBay - July 2013

I’ve been keeping an eye on eBay for original costume and props items which pop up from time to time (so you don’t have to!)

Recently I spotted a couple of items relating to the Seventh Doctor’s companion, Ace.

Here’s what I found.

Ace Jacket Costume Patch

An original patch used on one of the jacket worn by Sophie Aldred as Ace.

The patch features a NASA shuttle and can clearly be seen on the Aces right shoulder.

This patch came directly from John Nathan Turner as he kept various patches from jackets that had been professionally cleaned after scenes such as when Ace falls into the river in Silver Nemesis, the jackets had to be striped of their patches/badges for cleaning and badges/patches would quite often be replaced with new ones, John kept the badges in a small box and would often sell them at the various Longleat auctions during the 1990's

If you look closely at the image you can see were the patch was tacked to the jacket.

The Curse of Fenric Shoes worn by Ace

Welcome to possibly the oddest item i've ever auctioned!

A Pair of size 5 shoes worn by the Character "Ace" - as played by actress Sophie Aldred, in the 1989 Doctor Who serial The Curse of Fenric.

Longleat held a Doctor Who event on 14th August 1994. There was an auction of Doctor Who props by ex-producer John Nathan Turner and members of the production team. I was determind to buy something from the show, but had very little money at the time, so i ended up with these.

They can be seen on the show and in particular the end scene where Ace jumps into the sea.

100% Genuine! Low Auction Start.

CONDITION - Well preserved - they have been in the sea! They have been left exactly as i bought them. There is no smell to them. They can be easily cleaned-up with a soft cloth and polish, and possibly worn if you have have a mind to.

Fully Guaranteed.