Tuesday 26 November 2013

Original 7th Doctor item on eBay -
November 2013

I haven’t spotted many original Seventh Doctor items on eBay recently, but this one did catch my eye.

Silver Nemesis
Cyberman gun

Here we have what is quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity, to own a genuine piece of Doctor Who history. This is an original, screen used, Cyberman gun from the 1988 25th anniversary story 'Silver Nemesis'. Never before has a gun like this been up for public sale, even at Bonhams! The gun is 1 of 8 that were originally made for the story, and is 1 of only 2 or 3 COMPLETE guns that remain today.

The gun is in magnificent condition for a prop that is 25 years old, no cracks or breaks or anything of the sort. The gun has been stored in an air-tight, ultra-violet resistant, custom made display case, which is also included in this listing. The gun has the obvious golden colour to it, which as I'm sure everyone knows, occurred when the original chrome props were sprayed with lacquer to make them shine on camera.

This gun was originally owned by a prop collector named Chris Balcombe, who I'm sure some of you are familiar with. The gun was then acquired by arguably the biggest Doctor Who props dealer in the world, and owner of www.doctorwhoprops.com and www.thepropgallery.com, Jamie Smyth. I obtained the gun directly from Jamie, only a few years ago. There are plenty of photos circulating of this prop being held by Mike Tucker, the chap who originally made the 8 guns for the BBC back in the 80's, when he inspected this gun and passed it as original.

The Happiness Patrol
Drone Mask
SOLD FOR £181.76

Original as seen and used on screen Doctor Who prop from the Sylvester McCoy story "The Happiness Patrol" 1988 Drone Mask.

Your chance to own a piece of television history in the Doctor's 50th year, the perfect Christmas present for the Whovian in your life or for yourself.

Stored in a smoke free home.

Purchased by myself from a one day Doctor Who convention in a hotel close to Heathrow London in 1996 the auctioneer was Richard Franklin who played Captain Mike Yates of UNIT.

Name inside of mask Paul Holmes. Easily mounted on the wall for display.

I paid cash for the item and there were no receipts or catalogues.
Happy to supply letter of authenticity.

I am starting the auction at 99p with no buy it now, so you may grab a bargain.
I have already had some interest in this item but I do not intend to finish the auction early or to do a deal outside ebay so please do not ask.

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