Saturday 23 November 2013

Doctor Who Celebration -
Sue Moore and Steve Mansfield

There was a LOT to see at the Doctor Who Celebration, and it was quite hard to get round to see everything.
The costume display was an obvious draw for me, and it was worth dropping back form time to time and catch up with some of the designers and costume makers who were on hand and happy to chat.

During the 1980s period of the show Sue Moore and Steve Mansfield became the new John Freidlander when they created some amazing monster.

They brought along a great display of their work, including The Destroyer from Battlefield, and a collection of Heamovores from The Curse Of Fenric.

I had a great chat with them, talking about their work on Doctor Who as well as Terrahawks.
Sue and Steve were signing autographs too, and I got them to sign my book.

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