Thursday 31 December 2009

Hat Bandana - new stocks available

I recently needed to get some swatch samples for an up-coming project, using the bamboo-cotton fabric that I had used to make the Seven Hatband hankies. While I had an order going through I thought it a good opportunity to get some more hankies made up.

I now have FIVE red hankies in-hand, hemmed and ready for immediate dispatch! (see below)

Anyone interested in buying one, should contact me or PayPal US$20 to, making sure you include your postal address.
(Global shipping is included in the $20 price.)

I will then confirm receipt of payment and dispatch.

I am also still working on the brown colourway version of the hanky, for use as part of a season twenty-six outfit.

Part of this order included a couple of provisional hankies in the brown (see right), though the colour needs to be a tad warmer they are pretty good, but I will be revising the colour and reordering them shortly.

In the meantime I do have TWO of the brown hankies immediate dispatch, for the same US$20 price.
Get in touch if you want one of these.
If you are interested in buying a Seven Hat Bandana, please get in touch by emailing me at


  1. After reading all your blogs I have started my own adventure into costuming starting with hankies but moving onto waistcoats, I'd appreciate any advice you can spare as I'm just starting out.

  2. Nice work, I'd definitely like to purchase one of those. :)